[Homeroast] Offtopic: The Terrifying Saga Continues...

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 17:36:49 CDT 2011

I’m sorry to have to burden the homeroast list with this off topic situation
yet again - but I believe in prayer, and I throwing this out there for help.

The nightmare with our Dylan has not ended. In our agreement, the father has
Dylan every other weekend. Well, Friday my son’s car (the only
transportation in the family) had a flat tire. He is broke (this nightmare
has literally bled his & the boy’s mom’s bank account dry!), doesn’t have a
spare & doesn’t have the money to get one right now, despite his working 48
hrs a wk!

The father’s lawyer put in the agreement that they meet half way to leave
off & pick kup Dylan. They have no way tonight to get there - and the father
(and his witch of a wife) are refusing to come to their home to bring him.
It looks like they are going to bring him back to Maine!!

This is such a nightmare. I’m trying to manage on disability, they are
living week to week - and this dead beat five time convicted druggie is
using his son as a pawn!!

I’m terrified for our little guy - never have I ever felt so helpless -
please - if you pray, turn it on for them, for him. Even if you don’t,
please send your good thoughts.


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