[Homeroast] science of coffee rings and a move to thailand

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 10:34:54 CDT 2011

I'm posting this for Ken B. - he tried to post this three times, but for
some reason, the computers are rejecting his attempts. I'm so happy for him
- he's finally able to retire & will be moving to Thailand to join his wife
over there. So cool!!! (and I reminded him that I roast very simply,
stovetop - anyone can do it, with a bit of patience - provided he can get
decent beans, of course).


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From: ken <ken at onlykenssite.com>
Date: Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 10:55 AM
Subject: Hey Lynne....
To: Lynne <lynnebiz at gmail.com>

I have tried to post the following message to the homeroast list 3 times
now.  The list sees me as a member, etc., but seems to refuse to post the
message for some reason.

Could you do me a favor and post it for me?  You can edit out the part about
you if you wish to.


I've tried to send this twice before, with no luck.  So I will try it with a
response instead of a new thread and see if it works better.

I sent this yesterday and the day before, but have not seen it show up on
the list, so I assume something went bump since I am set to receive a copy
of my posts.  Maybe if you lurk too long, that is the price you pay. ;)


BTW...for those who know me, I will retire effective Sept 1st, and will
permanently move to Thailand in October.  I look forward to a new journey
and an exciting adventure as I learn a new language and culture.  I have
sold my roasters to two gentlemen I work with, so I would not be surprised
if two newbies show up on the list.  :)  Of course, I gave them the url to
SM and the list, along with some nice beans to get them started.

I do not know how long I can go without roasting, but we shall see. :)  I am
afraid that buying beans and having them sent to Thailand would not be cost
effective, but depending on what I find when I get there, it may be I will
have to do it.

I wish everyone on the list the best of luck and I hope all your roasts turn
out to perfect.  Lynne...I am glad to see that the nasty episode turned out
well.  Good luck to you and yours.  I finally get to live my dream. It has
been a very long wait for it! :D

Best Regards,
Ken B...lurking for a long time now.

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