[Homeroast] Behmor Lives to Roast Another Day

kevin creason ckevinj at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 09:41:23 CDT 2011

The Behmor lives! Long Roast the Behmor!

I used the Behmor website to fill out a problem report and someone contacted
the very next day. My roaster was obviously out of warranty (three years and
270 roasts, remember) but for less than $30 I had a motor mailed to fix it

The replacement is pretty easy-- remove a dozen screws or so to take the
cover off, loosen the PCB board and internal fan, and free up the motor
mount. With the fan and PCB board loose and turned out of the way it is
possible to pivot and remove the bad motor and mount and insert the new one.
Put everything back, run a cool test to check, and presto, roast #271 13oz
of Brazil Cerrado WP decaf is finishing up now.

the B16k is a great product and fabulous customer support. Definitely worth
the investment. Before this issue I calculated the investment had been less
than $1.25 per roast. It will just keep roasting and lower that even more,

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