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Demian Ebert coffehound at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 20:48:33 CDT 2011

Why does this always seem to happend right after I've ordered? Just
got 28 or so pounds delivered by UPS today.  Oh well, next time

The hottop's purring through a batch of Ethiopean Harar Longberry as I type.


On 8/17/11, Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee <byronsweetmarias at gmail.com> wrote:
> **Hello everyone,
> Happy Rash Wednesday. We’re breaking out big time with *six* awesome new
> additions! Today’s additions include some new faces along with some familiar
> favorites. First up is *Costa Rica La Legua Bourbon* a classic bourbon with
> malty sweetness and dense, creamy body. *Nicaragua Mozonte -Un Regalo de
> Dios* is similar to a lot we had last year with cinnamon stick spice, hints
> of wildflower, and herbal tea notes. *Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dumerso
> Cooperative * is a Yirg with a bit of a different flavor profile: winey
> fruit notes, tenor tone and a big, tangy finish. *Kenya Nyeri
> Kagumo-ini *is a “fruit salad” cup with light brown sugar caramelized
> notes and a rindy
> finish. *Espresso Workshop #18 – Hypno-Tiki * will put a spell on you with
> bracing brightness, pink grapefruit, and jammy berry notes along with
> chocolate from start to finish. And last, but definitely not least,
> *Ethiopia
> Yirga Cheffe-Shakiso SWP Decaf* is another of our special decaf lots that
> was created by sending off two of our best Ethiopian lots for
> decaffeination, the result is a balanced cup with honey and caramel
> sweetness and a whiff of graham cracker. Hope you don’t mind this rash of
> new offerings! Click the links below or
> here<http://www.sweetmarias.com/weblog/?p=2347>for a summary of them
> all.
> -Costa Rica La Legua
> Bourbon<http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.central.costarica.php?coffee=CostaRicaLaLeguaBourbon2011#CostaRicaLaLeguaBourbon2011>
> -Nicaragua Mozonte -Un Regalo de
> Dios<http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.central.nicaragua.php?coffee=NicaraguaMozonteUnRegalodeDios2011#NicaraguaMozonteUnRegalodeDios2011>
> -Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dumerso
> Cooperative<http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.africa.ethiopia.php?coffee=EthiopiaYirgaCheffeDumersoCooperative2011#EthiopiaYirgaCheffeDumersoCooperative2011>
> -Kenya Nyeri
> Kagumo-ini<http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.africa.kenya.php?coffee=KenyaNyeriKagumoini2011#KenyaNyeriKagumoini2011>
> -Espresso Workshop #18 –
> Hypno-Tiki<http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.other.blends.php?coffee=EspressoWorkshop18HypnoTiki#EspressoWorkshop18HypnoTiki>
> -Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe-Shakiso SWP
> Decaf<http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.other.decafs.php?coffee=EthiopiaYirgaCheffeShakisoSWPDecaf2011#EthiopiaYirgaCheffeShakisoSWPDecaf2011>
> .
> --
> *Byron Dote*
> Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.
> 1115 21st  Street
> Oakland, CA 94607
> 510 628 0992 phone
> 510 628 0919 fax
> www.sweetmarias.com
> *Oh yeah...We just got the Hario Buono
> kettles<http://www.sweetmarias.com/sweetmarias/hario-buono-kettle.html>back
> in stock! Happy pouring!
> *
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