[Homeroast] Using a Variac to control a GeneCafe

Ken Knott esprcorn at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 17 07:30:38 CDT 2011

I have access to Variac's so I thought I might give them a shot to control my Gene CAfe.  I understand that power fluctuations at the outlet are common and can make a significant difference in controlling your roast profile's conistency.
So...  My Variac's can be set to 120V or 140V.  I imagine I would want to use 120V. 
Second questions.  From there, I can set my Variac from 0 to 100%.  As wall outlet are supposed to provide 120V, am I correct in that I would set it to 100% and then plug in the old GeneCafe?  I'd rather not fry my GeneCafe if possible...  :)
Thanks in advance,

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