[Homeroast] Time between first and second crack

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Tue Aug 16 20:26:22 CDT 2011


why do you not want to go near/into second crack? try it John.

do you know how wet the beans are? do you know how they were really
processed? how have you stored them?

you may be missing a lot by not entering the #2 zone!!

One of the reasons I gave up my Behmor was because I could not get into a
serious #2 crack.

I was told that you need you hear the rolling first crack before second
happens; sometimes that is true. depends on what you miss.

let it go John, keep the thing going until you hear that #2 crack or smell
something burning.

really you can always pull the plug.


I have ruined a couple of great machines but only because I walked away for
a few seconds.

let us know.

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 9:57 PM, John monteleone
<johnmonteleone at gmail.com>wrote:

> I have been roasting on a Behmor for the past couple of months. As everyone
> seems to be suggesting, i'm try to extend the time between first and second
> crack as long as possible to maximize flavor. My goal is to maximize the
> time but not go into second crack.  My question is when do you start the
> timing. After the very first Audible crack.  Sometimes it can 10 or15
> seconds before the cracks really start coming. Should I always start the
> timer at that first crack. With a P4 profile roasting a half pound beans on
> a one pound setting, I typically get to first crack around 13 minutes and
> typically roast for another 1:45 ish. With that, I never into 2nd crack.
> Although I think I'm close.  Any comments on all of that.
> Thanks.
> John
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