[Homeroast] Off topic: My Family Kidnapping Situation: OVER!!

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 19:27:35 CDT 2011

Sometime ago I posted some emails about our own, ongoing personal tragedy:
our very small member of our family was kidnapped by his father, taken out
of state (to the father's home, where he had visited only briefly before) -
the father applied for full custody through the court system, lying that the
child has been with him all his life.

It was horrid beyond words. Months passed before she actually went before
the court (I HATE family court!!) - in a desperate act, I pleaded with my
daughters to help her so she could get a lawyer, as she wasn't qualified for
free help since she lived out of state, and NO one would listen to her
without one. (Even to the point of "forgetting" to notify her that the court
date was around the corner!!

So, with the charge card of one of my daughters (who cannot afford this -
still needs to be paid back), we proceeded.

All this time, our little guy was shuffled back & forth between his home
here only on weekends, and w/the father during the week, since the father &
his lawyer lied (said the child was in school - we later discovered that he
was in DAY CARE for TEN hours a day!!). He showed signs of feelings of
abandonment - and potentially worse. Tried to bring him (to no avail) to a
local ER one weekend. The whole thing caused so much stress on everyone -
esp financially - as just the ride to the father's house cost so much every

We discovered compromising videos online - showing the father smoking a pipe
online, showing him glorifying murder (in horrible detail!!), and the lawyer
(as he said, this gets better & better...) found out he had 5 drug
convictions & his new wife had a domestic violence conviction!! Oh, his
lawyer showed up for court that day drunk... her lawyer said that NO judge
would hand any little guy over to these people!!

And when her lawyer requested a ten page document of their finances - he
finally decided to end the charade!! We've had a delay because his lawyer
(supposedly) had a heart attack (knowing that he had a drinking problem that
might have been a cover-up).

It is now OVER. We went up there (it was in Maine), signed the papers, and
actually brought him home today.

I got less than 2 hrs sleep last night - between excitement and worry that
they'd pull something else. As it turned out, he didn't even show up in
court (his lawyer went to the wrong court, so he said - hmm, thirty yrs of
being a lawyer in that district & all of a sudden he got that mixed up... )

We all know he'll need counseling, and there are other concerns too - money
is very, very tight (well, after all of this, it's non-existant) - so those
who pray - I ask for you to continue. If you don't - just send your love up
& I know he & his mom (and my son, who doesn't believe in prayer, but is a
very good kid in his mom's eyes!!) will catch that love!

Right now, I'm wiped out, so tired, so happy & still very concerned because
their finances - and shelter - are real concerns. We figured out, by her
working two jobs, she makes too much money to get emergency shelter (thanks
to our Governor). So it looks like she's going to (very reluctantly) have to
quit one job - she doesn't make enough to pay rent, esp not first, last &
security, and she has to quit one job to get emerg. help. Sad, isn't that?
And there are no agencies to give much help now - I've looked & looked - too
many people are homeless now.

Anyway, I apologize for taking this away from homeroast conversation - but I
thought I'd share my very good news with my homeroast family.

For now, I'm going to try to put my other concerns on the back burner & get
some sleep.

Thanks to all for your prayers, concerns & kind thoughts! We have him


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