[Homeroast] sad news: Bob Sinclair passes.

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Sun Aug 7 12:10:26 CDT 2011

Yes - I was following this too, as I started out at Pannikin and Bob 
influenced me a lot. A few people in the coffee trade remember him 
well as one of the early independent roasters in the '70s and '80s, 
but he largely kept his distance from the burgeoning specialty coffee 
world. He's part of that generation that was seminal in introducing 
people to the very basics of good coffee: fresh local roasted whole 
bean coffee. Many people had not seen whole bean coffee! Many people 
had never bought a coffee from one particular country before, finding 
that each actually tasted different. At Pannikin, I remember serving 
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe in the mid-'80s, when that country would still 
have been ruled by the Dirg, a whole different era. I remember 
serving Aged Sumatra (and getting a of of complaints too). Our 
standard was Mexico Oaxaca. It really changed how people thought of 
coffee, awareness of where it came from, and flavor differences. He 
was more into his motorcycles than being around the Pannikin Cafes by 
the time I managed the La Jolla store, so we wouldn't see him much. 
But basically everything we were doing was because of him. As I 
started my own business (and have maintained my love of old 
motorcycles, too) I thought of the Pannikin and Bob Sinclair often. 

>Just heard: Bob Sinclair, who started Pannikin in San Diego, died this
>afternoon as a result of injuries sustained in a motor cycle accident.
>Here's a small tribute to him:
>BOB SINCLAIR, R.I.P. (post from Christopher Canole)--To all the people I've
>met over four decades at the Pannikin I ask you to raise a glass to toast
>Bob Sinclair for roasting a few beans and opening the world up to thousands
>of past, present and future friends. Bob will be missed every day I sip a
>cup and chat with a friend or stranger. You are gone in body, but like a
>great espresso shared with a special friend, I will savor your spirit
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