[Homeroast] sad news: Bob Sinclair passes.

kofi kofirowster at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 02:14:41 CDT 2011

Just heard: Bob Sinclair, who started Pannikin in San Diego, died this
afternoon as a result of injuries sustained in a motor cycle accident.
Here's a small tribute to him:
BOB SINCLAIR, R.I.P. (post from Christopher Canole)--To all the people I've
met over four decades at the Pannikin I ask you to raise a glass to toast
Bob Sinclair for roasting a few beans and opening the world up to thousands
of past, present and future friends. Bob will be missed every day I sip a
cup and chat with a friend or stranger. You are gone in body, but like a
great espresso shared with a special friend, I will savor your spirit

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