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"Further off Topic"

"God Sakes"
What kind of animal will they cage next and force feed coffee cherries?

Living in Sasquatch Country "Skamania county Washington" Only county in the
US with two laws on the books making it a crime to harm the beasts,
my crazy friend want's to plant some of my green beans up on some trails and
see if he can come up with a Sashqwalk coffee to market in our little town
and ride on the old '70's history of sightings here.
What a joker....

On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 12:07 PM, Frank Parth <frank at fparth.com> wrote:

>  Hi All, I've been exprementing with my Hottop for the past few months, and
>> I want to try and roast some Kopi Luak. Doesanyone have any experience with
>> the world's most expensive coffee? Thanks.
> I fully agree with Bryan. Don't waste your money.
> Vietnam has its own version called Weasel Coffee. You can buy it at almost
> every coffee kiosk or stand in Saigon orHanoi. It's relatively inexpensive
> because it hasn't gotten the marketing effort that Kopi Luwak has.
> High prices don't mean it's good, only that the marketing people got their
> hands on it.
> Frank Parth
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