[Homeroast] Kopi Luak

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Sat Aug 6 09:37:17 CDT 2011

Coffee from @$$holes for @$$holes.  Please don't support an industry that only produces inferior coffee.  The popularity of Kopi Luwak in recent years has led the farmers to cage and force feed the civets, completely nullifying the novelty of the civet "only selecting the ripest cherries."  Now, rather than the civet's nose doing the selecting, the farmer's/cager's hand is doing it.  It's a disgusting practice and a disgusting coffee.  Save yourself a couple hundreds dollars and buy coffee from Tom that doesn't taste like what you would expect Kopi Luwak to, given where it comes from.
Bryan Wray
Compass Coffee

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Hi All, I've been exprementing with my Hottop for the past few months, and I want to try and roast some Kopi Luak. Does anyone have any experience with the world's most expensive coffee? Thanks.                             
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