[Homeroast] international customers and many limitted offerings!

Claus Thøgersen c.thoeg at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 00:44:28 CDT 2011


I am one of the active European members. I know that there are other people 
living in Europe who are not on the list but use SM for green beans.

to keep down extra costs for shipment, vat, and extra charges we have to 
order 40 pounds a standard box size that gives the lowest price for 
The problem is that it seems as if more and more new coffees from Sm these 
days are  very  small only a few bags,  and therefore limitted to 1 maybe 2 
pounds. A limit that makes it harder to get these coffees if you order 1 box 
for several people, like I do.

If the small size offerings are going to be more prevalent from SM, I would 
really like a way to order, but have the order held back at SM so i can add 
some of these coffees that are gone a few days after they are posted to 
sm.com, and have the package shipped when it has reached the size that makes 
the  shipment costs reasonable.

It will of course give the SM staff more work to do, and there should be an 
extra charge for such a service, but I would really like to at least have an 
opportunity to consider all  these unique coffees.


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