[Homeroast] Vacuum Pot Help!!

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Sat Apr 30 17:44:59 CDT 2011

I've been using cloth filters in my Hario vac pots for over two years now & 
have never had problems with them affecting the flavor of my coffees. Simply 
rinsing them isn't going to remove the coffee oils so if thats all you do 
then I could see why you'd have problems. I soak my filters in a hot 
Oxyclean Free solution, rinse well, let dry & have no problems with taste or 

John B.

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From: "cherry carter" <theravensroost at gmail.com>
>I suggest the problem may be the cloth filter. I found that no matter how
> well it is rinsed, it retains a flavor that turns sour after only a couple
> of uses. I tried the Cona glass rod and that often resulted in blockage, 
> no
> matter what I did. I then purchased the Cona pot and have enjoyed perfect
> coffee ever since. Others have had good luck with the glass Cory rod, but 
> I
> couldn't find one, hence my purchase of the Cona pot.

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