[Homeroast] Vacuum Pot Help!!

Bob Glasscock eglasscock at centurytel.net
Sat Apr 30 17:33:19 CDT 2011

Hey Dennis,

First, are you sure you are getting a good seal? I just had to replace 
my Yama after destroying the original bowl by knocking it over, and the 
new one did not seal at all until I put the rubber gasket from my 
original on. Now it does OK. With the new seal in place I got no 
vacuum, hence a mess ensued. I do use the Baratza at 30 but use the 
Cory rod instead of cloth filters. I wouldn't imagine you have done 
enough brewing to turn the cloth filter sour, but if that is the case, 
Oxy Clean seems to be the cleaner of choice. Also are you using 
filtered water - may be time to replace the filter. Try bottled water. 
Anyway, you should be getting good results - it's a very good brewing 

Bob Glasscock
Greenville, AL

Quoting Dennis Guyer <adg22 at sbcglobal.net>:
> I have been home roasting for two and a half years.  I have used the AP
> exclusively for most of that time.  Recently I decided to try a 
> Vacuum Pot after
> reading all the good feedback from the board.  I ordered a Yama 8 cup from SM
> and use the cloth filter.  I have tried it about 8-10 times.  I have 
> been very
> disappointed in the results.  It seems to give me a flavor I don't 
> seem to have
> using the AP.  The best I can describe it is sour.  I roast using the 
> Behmor and
> grind using a Baratza Virtuoso.  I use a grind setting of 30.  (For 
> those of you
> who have one.)  All the coffee is roasted to City+; (at least that is what I
> believe it is.)  All are either South or Central American coffees.  
> My draw down
> times are in the 1 1/2  to 2 min. range. I put the top on just as it 
> starts to
> boil and the water rises within a few seconds.  I stir one time after 
> the water
> has risen to the top and let it brew for 30 sec to one min. 
> I need help-advice!  I would really like to use the Vacuum pot on 
> those days I
> want to serve more than the one cup at a time my AP makes. 
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Dennis
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