[Homeroast] Cory gasket problem (and how I fixed it)

Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 00:07:28 CDT 2011

Great job and synopses Sci. Thank you for your tenacity to get to a point of
I will follow your experience and advice.

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 9:03 PM, sci <scizen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ok, I got the new "Cory D" gasket which fits my Cory DXU/DXL model with the
> glass rod. http://www.dayseal.com/services.html These don't look like
> factory made seals, but where else are you gonna find a Cory seal? I yanked
> the old rock-hard gasket off and put on the new silicon gasket. It didn't
> look exactly the same, but it fit, roughly, kinda.
> So, we're off to the races to make a pot of Ethiopian Genema Harar. I put
> in
> 48 oz of water (up to the fill line) and ground 72g of coffee. When the
> water reached boiling, I backed off the heat, and put the upper chamber on.
> Here's where the problems started. The seal would go into the lower pot,
> but
> not all the way; I already knew this from a dry fitting. When pressure
> built, the seal squeezed out, allowing the steam to blow out the side of
> the
> gasket. Ugghhh!!! The water went up as long as I added pressure to the
> upper
> chamber to keep the seal; remove my hand pressure, and the water went back
> down. Not good. Not at ALL!
> I emailed the fellow that makes them. He did respond, but with advice that
> didn't really help (put vegetable oil on it, which IMHO made the problem
> worse). He did offer to refund my $25 for the seal. But I'm in this game
> for
> results, not trips to the post office.
> Upon very close inspection, I noticed that the third ring up from the
> bottom
> of the seal was too thick. It was preventing the upper chamber from fully
> seating into the lower. Hence the pressure squeezed it back out. No amount
> of reasonable down pressure would compress the silicon to make it fit. It
> was just too big. Somewhat determined to make it work, I got out a razor
> knife and tediously cut that entire ring down to the base level of the
> rubber. Now the offending ring was gone. WaahhLaah! The upper chamber will
> seat, and hold pressure. It works. I'm happy now. But for $25 for a chunk
> of
> rubber, you don't expect to have to make irreversible modifications.
> Upshot: unless you just want an old Cory, why bother. Just get a Yama or a
> Bodum Santos. I have about $45 and a couple of hours of tinker time
> invested
> in the Cory, and sure, it has the glass rod. And I'm happy. But if I knew
> then what I know now, I'd just jump on SM.com and get a new Yama or find a
> Bodum Santos (non-electric). If your rich, get the Cona and don't look
> back.
> Ivan
> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 1:15 PM, sci <scizen at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I ordered a Cory D gasket. It is supposed to be silicon, which means it
> > will last indefinitely. It isn't here yet, expecting any day, but if you
> > want to wait I will let you know how it fits and works. It is a shame to
> me
> > to have to throw away a perfectly good Cory pot, with glass rod and all,
> > just because of an old hardened gasket. Kudos to the folks who decided to
> > make these modern updated replacements.
> >
> > Ivan
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> > This will probably tip me from replacing the Cory with a Yama to
> > replacing the gasket.
> >
> > Thanks!
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