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Sun Apr 17 00:39:16 CDT 2011

"Why do those two brewing methods require more coffee?"

For me only, I care not what the "listed method" says. The "listed method"
does not determine your ultimate flavor experience of the cup. It is only a
starting point and should be treated as such.

The ultimate flavor experience is yours alone and since you have so much
control of the variables, make each cup a product of the moment, not the
mindless Sameness of the dreckig chains.

Or- your coffee is waiting at Fourbucks- same exact copy of the previous

The Ethiopia WP Guji Oromo is extraordinary when held to a few snaps of 2nd
then quenched. A double shot with this current junior roast yields fabulous
complexity at 14.0g (+) 0.7g, (-) 0.3g because of the individual bean size.

Mind-Blowing is 20.0g of the same bean Turkish brewed at 1.9 : 1 - 2.1 : 1,
grind setting 9 in the BUFF Mazzer. Incredible. (5 makes bread flour out of
whole grain wheat, but not on this new burr set, thank you)

Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!

On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 5:31 PM, Ira <ira at extrasensory.com> wrote:

> Today I was looking at the SM brewing coffee page,
> http://www.sweetmarias.com/brewinstr/grind.brew.php , and noticed
> something unexpected.
> Almost all of the brew ratios listed are right around 1.6 grams of coffee
> per ounce of water except for the Clever Coffee Dripper and the Technivorm
> which are right around 1.8 grams of coffee per ounce of water.
> Why do those two brewing methods require more coffee per water than all the
> other listed methods?
> Ira
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