[Homeroast] Brewing coffee

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Sat Apr 16 23:02:29 CDT 2011

At 06:17 PM 4/16/2011, you wrote:
>Looks like 1.6 g/oz is about 54 g/l and 1.8 is close to 61 g/l. I don't know
>why the different ratios, but  have been using 58 g/l for all methods (which
>is about a 17:1 ratio of water volume to coffee volume).

Well, 1.6 is about 18.4:1 and 1.8 is about 16.4:1 so you're just 
about in the middle. I just would have expected the number to be 
consistent and if there was a difference, I would not have expected 
the Clever to be on the stronger side of the other drip methods.


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