[Homeroast] New I-Roast2

msmb at suddenlink.net msmb at suddenlink.net
Sat Apr 16 00:24:19 CDT 2011

I finally got myself a new I-Roast 2, which arrived today.  I had use an I-Roast 1 for about 5 years and when that broke tried a hot air popper with a  laser thermometer and a power strip to control the temperature. it worked well but I roast pretty often and it was a bit of trouble to assemble everything.  The old I-Roast1 only allowed 3 programs.  The pre-sets were always too hot for my house's current.  The profile I used was 225 for 4 minutes 350 for 2 or 3 minutes and 450 for 4 minutes, though Usually I would have to cut it short a bit.  With the popper i tried around the same profile but after the 3 minute interval added one minute at 400, before going to 450.  

Can anyone direct me to the site where I can find different profiles?  Or, can someone suggest a profile for some Costa Rican beans (don't remember what region) just to start me off.  

The pre set profiles strike me as odd because compared to what I used to use, they start at a relatively high temperature and at certain points they lower the temperature from a previous level. I thought that to avoid baking the beans you always wanted to have an ascending temperature level through the roast.  Is this correct?

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