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With all due respect to miKe the original author of Our twelve step program,
my motto and creed. I currently have it hanging in my cafe for all to see,
I'm also thinking of having it embroidered for a nicer wall presentation. (
with permission of course )  Personally I don't put anything in my mouth
just because it tastes good, if that were the case I would still be in jail.
For me I can't dissect it { coffee } and say one element is more important
than another. When I had my first taste of really good coffee ( with
caffeine ) I was stunned. I really thought that stuff in the see through pot
on my mothers stove in the mornings was just swill. I thought it was all
swill. Mind you this (good cup ) was before my *$'s experience. Thank God
for mother in laws. The good cup came from her kitchen.
Now back to the drug. Yes I grew up in the '60's and know quite a bit about
most drugs that were on, shall we say the local market. None of those
compare to really good coffee today in fact really good coffee with all it's
elements probably helped keep me off the street and away from all those
other mind and body "culinary" experiences.
I don't know about the rest of this list of coffee geeks but for me my taste
buds don't even work till I turn on my brain and main CPU. Not only that but
if it were not for the active alkaloid ( caffeine )  in coffee I probably
would not remember to come back for more or remember that miKe's cafe has
the best 'spro this side of Atlantic ocean. ;^) .
In fact I think your taste buds miKe are so far over what mine are capable
of I will drive 100 miles when I can to taste your 'spro blends to help me
fine tune my 'spro blend work and shot pulling. There are only a few folks
out there ( in the big coffee picture ), with enough coffee passion to come
up with a top shelf espresso. I thank you for this miKe and look forward to
the comments of my next customer on the posting I have on the wall of your
now famous " The Twelve Steps of CSA"

Forever Slave and servant of the bean,

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 12:58 AM, <raymanowen at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Coffee is Culinary, [Not] a caffeine delivery system.
> Caffeine is Not my shepherd [or sheep-anything],
> great tasting pure unadulterated coffee is."
> Caffeine is a factor in the taste of Great Coffee, but we were blown away
> by
> the decaf Ethiopia Sidamo of recent vintage! -ro
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