[Homeroast] Nesco repair department

Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Fri Apr 8 13:24:31 CDT 2011

Hi Jocelyn,

Can you please be in touch with us at info @ Sweetmarias.com though 
we will watch this thread for an update. This is disconcerting to 
hear and not something we've heard about Nesco or their service 

We're here to back you up. I will try to contact them today on your 
behalf to push things along.

All the best,

>Well, my Zach and Dani's failed after about 4 years.  I sent it in to Nesco
>for repair.  It arrived there on April 6th and I hadn't heard a peep from
>them, so I called today.  The woman on the phone said that they were doing
>inventory, so it was probably sitting on a shipping pallet somewhere.  I
>asked her when they might get a chance to look at it, she said she couldn't
>promise me anything, but usually, it took a week, but because of
>inventory...(she drug out the word like I didn't understand her the first
>time or something....) it might take two weeks or more for them to take a
>look at it.
>I'm not happy....
>They must be a small outfit.  Has anyone else out there had to deal with
>NESCO and getting things repaired.  I'd love to hear a positive story.
>Thanks for listening.
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