[Homeroast] Nesco repair department

Jocelyn Mellberg jocelynrm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 13:19:58 CDT 2011

Well, my Zach and Dani's failed after about 4 years.  I sent it in to Nesco
for repair.  It arrived there on April 6th and I hadn't heard a peep from
them, so I called today.  The woman on the phone said that they were doing
inventory, so it was probably sitting on a shipping pallet somewhere.  I
asked her when they might get a chance to look at it, she said she couldn't
promise me anything, but usually, it took a week, but because of
inventory...(she drug out the word like I didn't understand her the first
time or something....) it might take two weeks or more for them to take a
look at it.

I'm not happy....

They must be a small outfit.  Has anyone else out there had to deal with
NESCO and getting things repaired.  I'd love to hear a positive story.

Thanks for listening.


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