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Peter Louton peter at midwestbicycleworks.com
Sat Apr 2 22:31:39 CDT 2011

Hi Chris,

Sometimes when I'm doing multiple roast, I'll put the next roast on top of the Behmor and let the radiant warmth gently warm up the beans a bit, because my storage for the green bean is closer to 55 degrees.

But I'll have to try that with some of my next few roasts using 250 gram, since I'm usually roasting 330-390 grams at a time.


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On Apr 2, 2011 21:29, Yakster <yakster at gmail.com> wrote: 

I got a chance to cup the two Behmor roasts of the Ethiopa Jimma and I

prefer the 250 g batch over the 300 g batch.  The berry flavor and acidity

is better, brighter with the smaller batch.  I just finished drinking a cup

of the 250 g batch and I really enjoyed it.  So much so, I keep thinking

about it and considering making another cup.

So, I guess I'll be looking at lowering my batch size again down towards 250

g.  I was happy with the 300 g batch size, but it makes sense for a been

like the Jimma to have a faster ramp to C1 and about the only way I can get

that done in the Behmor is with load size and pre-heating (which I already




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