[Homeroast] roaster sizing

peterz peterz at npgcable.com
Wed Sep 29 22:44:24 CDT 2010

Dear friends,
I have been roasting for several years with a bread machine / turbo oven 
combination which will easily roast 1.5 pounds.
Lately I have been having trouble with my roasts, nothing seems 
extremely satisfying.
I bought a Behmor, and that does better, (besides I think my bm /to is 
getting tired after 4+ years), but I want to build a drum roaster now.
It should use propane, and be able to roast between one and five pounds 
at a time.
Is there any formula used to decide what the dimensions of the drum 
should be? Or the height of the paddles?
Also, is it ok to use plain steel or is SS a requirement? I have also 
thought of using aluminum for the drum but I want to know the pro's and 
con's of using different metals. Steel with holes in it is much cheaper 
than SS, and so is aluminum.
Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks in advance,

PeterZ (Still sweltering here in LHC, AZ)

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