[Homeroast] iRoast design

Mike Davis mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 29 14:34:55 CDT 2010

Allon's comment is correct; however if you accept the temperature reading as 
relative rather than absolute you can manage quite well.  On my iR2, the actual 
bean temperature is about 40F higher than the LCD reading, so I know that LCD 
370F is about 410F.  The roaster works nicely, especially if you stretch out the 
roasting times to assure adequate heat conduction to the inner cellular 
structure.  I am planning on adding a Behmor shortly to my arsenal, but the iR2 
will remain a viable roaster, especially for smaller peaberry beans and because 
of its quick cleanup and almost total lack of required maintenance.  Now if 
Behmor could build a new unit with a simple time and temperature control panel 
monitored by a probe (the real kicker), they'd have the world by the tail.

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