[Homeroast] Aged Sumatran 07

Sergio Kusevitzky sergio_kuse at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 28 05:04:29 CDT 2010

40% Brasil
40% Java/Sumatra
20% Aged Sumatra

Body, Sweetness,Pungency. Enjoy!


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Hi All,

Long time lurker, yada, yada, yada.

I've been roasting for about five years, I think, and have yet to roast a
coffee that I didn't like.  I order beans from just about every location
(grown) that Tom has available as I love having a "cellar" of coffees for
whatever mood I'm in.  Anyways, I finally ordered some of the aged Sumatran
that was available at SM's and WOW!!!  It is definitely the most unusual
coffee I have ever tasted, pungent is the word that kept coming to mind and
it affected my palate the rest of the day when drinking some other roasts.
I will definitely save it for my last cup of the day in the future.  I went
back and forth about four different times whether I liked my first cup or
not and that was FC+ on two days rest.  Going to wait another day or two
before I try it again.  Was wondering if anyone has messed around with
blending this stuff and if so, with beans from what region?  Seems like it
could possibly give an interesting twist to something else.

Roast On!
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