[Homeroast] My Ultimate Espresso Rig

Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 20:59:29 CDT 2010

3 months ago we dug out the Gaggia Classic and weened the wife off the coffee shop milk drinks.  I had been drinking drip coffee exclusively for a couple of years.  I moved away from drip coffee and we found ourselves drinking many shots per day before we knew it. Then the son expresses interest in having an espresso machine at school. This was all the encouragement we needed. The quest began. I have been an exclusive Sweet Marias customer for everything coffee for a number of years but quickly determined that I was looking at more than what they had to offer. We ended up with the Giotto Evo and a Mazzer Mini Electronic.  First the machine,  wow, what a beautiful machine. I considered dual boiler options and settled on the Giotto. The Giotto is a heat exchanger machine which offer an internal tank and a direct connect option. There is noting negative I can say about the Giotto line from Rocket Espresso. It is a great machine. 

The grinder was a more difficult purchase. After several years with the dossier less Rocky I knew I did not want a grinder with a doser IF I could find one that would offer limited clumps and would be easy to gauge the filling. I looked at all the offerings out there and the Mazzer Mini Electronic quickly rose to the top of the heap. Now this grinder is not cheap. It runs just under $1,000. But no doser so no dealing with the doser and the stale coffee they harbor.  Further they offer a one button consistent loading of the portafilter basket.  The burrs are the same size as the Super Jolly but the motor is the same as the mini.  For home or small office espresso it was classified as the ultimate grinder. My experience would agree with this description. 

Overall our new espresso station was very expensive. I expect it will last for the rest of our lives.  My wife, who was not comfortable using the Gaggia is very comfortable with the Giotto. After a week we plumbed in both the water in and the drip tray. We installed a 2 stage water filter. I don't think I could live with a machine that was not plumbed now. The grinder is wonderful. I can place the portafilter on the grinder cradle hit the double shot button and walk to the fridge to get milk. We can't imagine we could be happier with any other machine. 

This has reinvigorated my coffee roasting. Last year my first gen Hot Top dies and I replaced it with the Behmor. This was due to the ability to roast more than a half a pound at a time. Right now We are roasting coffee at 2-3 times the rate we were roasting at 3 months ago. 

Fortunately we have not had any buyers remorse.  We are very happy.   



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