[Homeroast] List Traffic at Zero

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Mon Sep 27 13:27:45 CDT 2010

On Sep 27, 2010, at 1:36 PM, Sheila Quinn wrote:

> The heat gun was my go-to roasting method for quite a long time. I like that it's so hands-on and controllable. You can get some fantastic results, and you really learn a lot about how the beans roast. What I *don't* like is that it's so messy and smelly...the smoke smell gets on me so much that I have to take a shower immediately after roasting.

OTOH, the kids enjoy the "chaff storm" :D
(I have my roasting bowl inside of a larger bowl that insulates my legs from the heat, and the chaff tends to collect in the outer bowl. The kids come and stand in front, and I aim the heat gun into the outer bowl to blow chaff all over them )


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