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Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Mon Sep 27 08:20:41 CDT 2010

On Sep 27, 2010, at 12:40 AM, Sheila Quinn wrote:

> Since we're talking about roasters, I haven't used my Behmor in a couple of months. I have so many poppers sitting around that I decided to use them for a while and experience some variety in my roasting. I'm finding they aren't too consistent because even two of the exact same model can vary wildly. But it's fun experimenting, especially since I'd never even tried out a couple of them. I seem to find them everywhere in thrift stores and *must* buy them, even though I already have more than enough.

I've been doing mostly heat gun roasts. I haven't played with my iRoast very much lately, because it's so annoying to get good results out of it - the on-board controller is nothing but lies when it comes to any actual profiling.

I haven't gotten a behmor; though the roasting capacity, afterburner, and mechanism appeals to me, I'm much more hands-on -- the controller seems very much point-and-shoot-camera style to me; too much automation without revealing what it's doing, or allowing any modification to the program without gaming the device (e.g. opening the door, etc). I want real profiling.

I recently picked up a *very* nice PID unit that allows for 16-step ramp & soak programs. Last night I took a screwdriver and wire cutters to my perfectly good iRoast2 and chopped out the control logic, put the fan on a dimmer, and wired up an SSR to the heater coils. I haven't done a roast on it yet, but I'm getting close. Baby steps.

http://www.sweetmarias.com/hearthware/Hearthware_I_Roast_Tests.html  says:
"But be reasonable, you are not going to see a roaster with $500 of PID controls and multiple thermocouples and bean probes and a Comm Port for your PC. What we have here is something that works well at default settings and takes home roasting where it has never gone before, into basic profile programming"

Well, now I have a roaster with maybe around $350 of PID controls and a single thermocouple.
(I didn't pay anywhere near that for the PID, thank you eBay)

Now I've gotta figure out how I want to set the profile.
Anyone with a PID'ed roaster want to chime in?

(FWIW, it's an Omron E5CK-T)

Anyone have a good source of starting-point PID roasting recipes?


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