[Homeroast] List Traffic at Zero

Sheila Quinn quinngraphics at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 23:40:04 CDT 2010

For having "zero traffic," this thread has sure gotten long...LOL!

Since we're talking about roasters, I haven't used my Behmor in a couple 
of months. I have so many poppers sitting around that I decided to use 
them for a while and experience some variety in my roasting. I'm finding 
they aren't too consistent because even two of the exact same model can 
vary wildly. But it's fun experimenting, especially since I'd never even 
tried out a couple of them. I seem to find them everywhere in thrift 
stores and *must* buy them, even though I already have more than enough.

I can't even drink much coffee anymore, so my beans seem to last forever 
now. But even though I can usually only have one cup a day (or half a 
cup), I still want it to taste good! Why not have that one cup be the 
best it can be?!


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