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Hi Mary and all,

I roasted in a pan for a year using a convection.  It was a lot of fun doing it that way.  I did get some wonderful roasts, but getiing them to be really even was a challenge and I didn't experiment with longer/slower roasts till late in the game.  I loved some of the flavors and one of my favorites was a charred set of Kenyan beans that were truly amazing in a Bialetti and all of the smoke flavors permeated the tasted buds without overpowering the rest.  But it was only good in the Bialetti :-)

The reason I swithced to the Behmor, was that it produces a lot less smoke and I can do it year round indoors and not have to have an exhaust fan and my kitchen door open when it is 10 degrees to roast some coffee.  I don't miss the fire department  for the smoke alarm going off or the neighbors calling them for smoke smells emmanating from my house.  

I like rhe Behmor a lot.  I do wish I could play with longer or darker roasts, may try to preheat beans in oven first then add then to Behmor.  I have done some great roasts with the Behmor where my friend who is a commercial roaster asked what I did.  Plus it is really affordable

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On Sep 26, 2010 23:12, mary deem <catechumenes at gmail.com> wrote: 

Michael - thanks for that insight.  I have not roasted in anything except my

popper so I am always curious to hear from former popper roasters who have

switched to other methods.  It seems like many people move away from poppers

mainly because of the limited load capacity..but those are not the only

reasons of course.

Everyone else....keep the comparisons and opinions coming :)

We can also open this up to to other roaster types as well.  I have had

wonderful pan roasted coffee for example..talk about some flavors one does

not find in air poppers...there is this wonderful smokey quality-even at

lighter roasts.




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