[Homeroast] List Traffic at Zero

Kevin C ckevinj at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 13:36:37 CDT 2010

>What otehr goodies do you have in your blend (the one with the Finca

I did a couple different blends over course of the month. Mostly the Ethiopia shakiso but also some Sumatra, and Yemen. The last batch was both Ethiopia and Yemen. 

My problem is I am a lazy roaster. These coffees should be roasted separately and blended afterward. Then I could have had something fabulous... But the grill takes so much prep with current cool-down method using ice and the b16k is so slow when i need 2 or more #s post roast per week...

I am very interested in the shiny new roaster Tom had a video of recently. Or a welder and learn to use a welder and weld up something like the drop chute into a cooling system. Like that will happen. ;)

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