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Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 07:19:24 CDT 2010

My last roast of coffee, Kenya, is staling in the cupboard while I'm in

I put most of it in the freezer post roast but left a little out and
defrosted a little Black Cat Classic for use before the trip.  We'll see how
it holds up when I return.

I'm looking forward to visiting the number 2 winner in the Nordic Roasting
Competition in Gothenburg, da Matteo, but they're not open very late.  I
hope that the Swedes I visit are as eager to take coffee breaks during the
day as the Italians here.

Pardon any spelling mistakes, I'm having to remote desktop into a PC at work
through a VPN for any mail during the day and this browser doesn't have
spell check.

When I come home, I want to do some espresso roasts.  I've got Liquid Amber
and several workshop blends to roast, some I haven't even tried yet.  I want
to see how these do on the Twist compared to the La Peppina.  So far, the
Black Cat Classic that seems to like a cooler temp is pulling nicer shots
the first time on the Twist which is great but bad too since I've been
practicing on the La Peppina for nine months so what gives?  I'll try and
get some pictures in Sweden.



On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 5:36 PM, Robert Yoder <robotyonder at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Greetings, Roaster-folk,
> No posts received for several days.  Is the list down?
> Test, test, test,
> Happy Roasting,
> robert yoder
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