[Homeroast] bring back green beans

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Total  bullshit! Read the Constitution, if you bave one, 1st amendment,  
freedom of speech, U moron!

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Yeah, the fact that they're Government Employees paid by OUR tax dollars we
definitely should have no say in the policies or how they're enforced... 

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>   Another  2 cents worth.........I had no problem in Atlanta with 2 
> kilos of green beans obtained "farm gate" in Chiapas, Mexico several 
> years ago.  Be up front with them about what they are.  Next to me in 
> another line an elderly lady in a wheel chair was being given a rough 
> time about some home cooked item she was bringing back from 
> somewhere in 
> the Caribbean!  Who knows what a particular inspector  feels about 
> something? Since they are in-charge we are in no position to argue.   
> Bernard Gerrard

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