[Homeroast] El Salvador Cascara Coffee Tea

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Tue Sep 21 17:01:27 CDT 2010

Good comments - I think we have found need for a little sweetness 
because it has a fairly sour fruit in the finish, at least the way we 
are making it - maybe its just not strong enough! -t

>Just received ours and brewed a small press, about 10min steep (steeped
>while Bry making 3 lattes for customers:). First, I totally disagree it
>needs or wants any sweetener at all. Could be because did fairly strong
>steep of 8gr in 12oz press pot, full boil water. Seems plenty sweet all on
>it's own to us, almost too sweet, but only almost. Tom's fruit descriptors
>spot on. Very interesting coffee tea cup. It would make a hellacious iced.
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