[Homeroast] Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Mon Sep 20 13:14:46 CDT 2010

Sounds like fun - who would have guessed 10 years ago that the 
prospect of good coffee in Sweden is much better than in Milan! I had 
noticed a CoE buyer in Gothenberg but I dont really know them: Koppi

I would look up DaMatteo, but not sure if they are in Gothenburg as 
well, good coffee - tasted it in oslo.

I know Arvid Nordquist and have cupped with them a few times - they 
buy some nice coffee but I am always confused about what they do. 
Might be wholesale only... http://www.arvidnordquist.se/


>Looks like I'm off to Europe starting next week.  First Milan, Italy again
>and then Gothenburg, Sweden.  I'm looking forward to trying some good coffee
>in Sweden, but if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.  In Milan,
>the hotel had the best consistent espresso and was about the only place
>really offering drip coffee (but why bother in Italy).
>I just picked up a MyPressi Twist and have had a couple of days playing with
>it.  So far it's exceeded my expectations with Intelligentsia's Black Cat
>Classic and I plan to enjoy using it at work, though it's tempting to use it
>at home as well.  I thought about bringing it with me to Europe, but don't
>want to bother rustling up the gas canisters and don't see the point when
>espresso is ubiquitous in Italy at least.  I will be taking it camping,
>though and maybe even on car trips down to see my folks.  It's good that I'm
>a straight espresso shot fan, but I did pick up some gaskets for the Bellman
>stovetop steamer I picked up and with some practice should be able to make
>better cappuccinos for the Wife.
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