[Homeroast] Decaf (was Unsubscribing)

Scott Thile sethile.pipes at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 08:53:32 CDT 2010

Hope your still here, Ryan.... I've been lurking for a few weeks while
getting the hang of this. I've not had the pleasure of your posts long, but
I'll miss them.

I sympathize with your plight. Sure decaf is not the same, but homeroasting
makes a huge difference. Actually, it's decaf that turned me into a

After a lifetime (52) of enjoying caffeine I'm now hypersensitive too (I
think it's also due to medication). I've found after a 25% caffeinated first
cup I've got to do decaf for the rest of the day or end up a basket case. We
have no commercial roasting in town. The decaf I could get locally was
really horrible! I could not afford to order roasted beans often enough to
keep them fresh, so here I am, and I'm loving it! I get to enjoy excellent
coffee again!

Anyway, I agree it's not the same, but decaf can still be amazingly good
when its fresh and dialed in. I hope your health improves, and your able to
enjoy an excellent if not perfect brew in the meantime. I know I have!

Whirly pop Scott (at least for now)

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