[Homeroast] Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 15:14:27 CDT 2010

Looks like I'm off to Europe starting next week.  First Milan, Italy again
and then Gothenburg, Sweden.  I'm looking forward to trying some good coffee
in Sweden, but if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.  In Milan,
the hotel had the best consistent espresso and was about the only place
really offering drip coffee (but why bother in Italy).

I just picked up a MyPressi Twist and have had a couple of days playing with
it.  So far it's exceeded my expectations with Intelligentsia's Black Cat
Classic and I plan to enjoy using it at work, though it's tempting to use it
at home as well.  I thought about bringing it with me to Europe, but don't
want to bother rustling up the gas canisters and don't see the point when
espresso is ubiquitous in Italy at least.  I will be taking it camping,
though and maybe even on car trips down to see my folks.  It's good that I'm
a straight espresso shot fan, but I did pick up some gaskets for the Bellman
stovetop steamer I picked up and with some practice should be able to make
better cappuccinos for the Wife.


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