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Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 07:55:10 CDT 2010

 I have been flying for 30 years and don't consider myself to be a
road warrior but a frequent traveler.  Today I drive on any trip where
the distance is less than 12 hours and time allows.  So far this year
I have 12 trips via air travel and approximately 50 nights in hotel
rooms.  I am a fat middle aged white guy with no facial hair.

My dealings with Customs agents, agriculture inspectors, and
immigration officials have all been positive professional experiences.

TSA is another matter.  at least once every 10 flights I get pulled
out of line and given the business.  In the last 10 years I have seen
an Arab pulled out of line for a luggage search once, 3 months ago.  I
have been treated badly by TSA many times and can tell stories that
are quite embarrassing.  I have tried being friendly & courteous and
only speaking when spoken to.  The latter has served me better.  This
year I have forgotten to pull my liquids out of the bag twice, they
didn't catch it either time.  There are TSA agents who are
professional but I can tell horror stories about other TSA agents who
think they are in the SS.  The problem I see here is they answer to no

I would be less concerned about Customs agents than TSA Agents.
Quantas will help you with the forms, be sure to fill them out
truthfully and completely.  Plan plenty of time when you get back to
LAX.  My last trip from Australia, 18 months ago we had 4.5 hours
between flights at LAX.  We never sat down and almost missed our
connecting flight.  The wife and I were dealing with TSA for
approximately 90 minutes of the 4.5 hours (it was bad).  My advice,
PACK THEM IN YOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE!!  I would not expect TSA to see
green beans very often and things that they don't see often are what
causes them issues.

You will love Australia.  The people are great, food is unequaled, and
the coffee is fantastic.  It is one of my favorite countries to visit.
 Be sure to drink espresso drinks down under.  The coffee there has
strong European roots.  We were there for 14 days and I did not have a
bad meal.

On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 6:37 AM, John A C Despres <johndespres at gmail.com> wrote:
> Coming back from Mexico recently where I had visited a plantation, I came
> back through the agriculture line as I had been on a farm. I had my "import"
> form all made out with the green coffee as one item on the list.
> First off, it was a very short line - only me, I breezed past everyone else.
> The gaurd looked over my list, but was more interested in what kind of farm
> I visited.
> "A coffee plantation"
> "Okay. Did you see any animals there"
> "Yes, horses, maybe three"
> "Any cows, goats or pigs?"
> "Nope. A couple chickens, though."
> "Ah, that's fine. Thank you, sir and welcome back. Have a nice day."
> "Thank you. You too."
> That was easy. What coffee?
> John
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