[Homeroast] bringing green beans back

Zara Haimo zara at haimo.net
Fri Sep 17 04:00:53 CDT 2010

>I have not heard of an issue of greens being hand carried or luggage packed
> by a traveler. As long as your not smoking them you should not have an 
> issue
> with customs.

I won't smoke them until I get them home and take them into 3rd crack :-).

> Better give them a call to be sure though.

That's why I asked at the airport today.  They didn't seem to know what was 
permitted or not, so I may just get a random result.

>  Too low
> in elevation to produce the kind of coffees Tom provides us with.

Tom actually had some very good Auzzie beans a few years ago, but not from 
the farm I'll be visiting.  I doubt if the greens I'll get will be amazing, 
but hope I can take them through without problems as they'll make a fun 

Thanks for the helpful info Joseph! 

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