[Homeroast] bringing green beans back

Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 01:06:40 CDT 2010

I have not heard of an issue of greens being hand carried or luggage packed
by a traveler. As long as your not smoking them you should not have an issue
with customs.
Better give them a call to be sure though.
Don't trust a list of rebels who carry them back to the US with out asking
like me.
My partner carried 3000.00 USD worth of essential oils into this country
from the factory in Egypt. She had trouble in every airport and customs
until they determined what they were. The bottles were marked but who is
going to trust 8 large bottles of liquid from Egypt with markings like
Amber, Musk, Myrrh. Yes they will show up in the xray but as soon as they
see what you have, plus all your usual coffee making tools I think you will
get in no problem.
Forget everything I just said a German friend just came into my shop and
said they have to clear the Dept. of Agriculture. So make the necessary
calls first. I have not had much good experience with Aussy coffee. Too low
in elevation to produce the kind of coffees Tom provides us with. Oh boy I
left myself open for a good flaming. I deserve it. ;^)
The Aussy's I met  who own cafe's in the country were trying to fiqure out
how to import coffee's from other regions in the world. I didn't bother
asking why at the time.
Have a great trip Zara. All that said I wish I was going too so I could
visit my roaster friends.

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 10:06 AM, Zara Haimo <zara at haimo.net> wrote:

> I will be in Australia in a few weeks.  Friends of friends have a coffee
> farm there and they will probably give me some green beans to take home.  I
> happened to be at the airport yesterday and asked a customs guy if I could
> bring raw coffee beans in, but he didn't seem to know.  Has anyone had
> experience legally bringing green beans in from Australia or anywhere else?
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