[Homeroast] Got my HotTop roaster this week.

Robert Bedwell rlb at triad.rr.com
Thu Sep 16 14:27:01 CDT 2010

Mike....thank you very much for this information.  I am going to copy  
it and try it out.

> It looks a lot simpler than the revised profile "B" at  
> HottopUSA.com.  I spent about two hours organizing it an easy  
> checkoff list in temperature and time order.

Yours is a lot simpler and I think I will be better off to start with  



On Sep 16, 2010, at 11:51 AM, Mike Koenig wrote:

> Bob,
> You will enjoy your HotTop.  Best thing to do is run at least one  
> roast all
> the way through 2nd crack so you know how it behaves, and know what to
> expect.
> I have the digital "B" model.  Currently, I've been dropping my heat  
> to
> about 80% as the beans start to brown,  then down to 40% at the  
> point where
> I anticipate first crack will start soon. Basically, what I've  
> gleaned from
> this list is that you want at least 3 minutes from start of 1st to  
> the end
> of roast, so experiment in when you need to drop your heat to obtain  
> that
> profile.  For espresso I've been targeting 4-5 minutes from start of  
> 1st to
> end,  usually stopping just before 2nd crack or a few snaps in.  I  
> know that
> I still can do some more work on my roasting profile, but I've been  
> having
> good results.
> Also keep in mind that a fair amount of the advice on the internet  
> regarding
> HotTops is about the older models non-digital models, that I  
> understand
> needed some trickery to achieve darker roasts,  which may not be the  
> best
> advice for the current models.
> In the end experimentation is key to getting the best out of it.
> --mike
> On Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 11:52 AM, Robert Bedwell <rlb at triad.rr.com>  
> wrote:
>> Just got my Hottop this week as well.  Still studying the manual and
>> watching video on Youtube.
>> Anyone want to share experiences and ideas?
>> Bob
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