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Very sorry Ryan.

It has been a pleasure reading your posts. You will be missed. Hope your
health improves.

John H. 

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Hey everyone,
For medical reasons, I have had to more or less give up coffee recently(I
had originally assumed this would be temporary but it looks more or less
permanent- because of some medication I am on, I am not super caffeine
sensitive. Whereas before I was able to drink about 10 cups in one day
without blinking an eye- and I did regularly, I now can barely handle half a
cup worth of non-de-caff coffee. And I do not care what anyone says- decaf
tastes different!!). Because of this, I likely will not be home roasting
much anymore. I have enjoyed getting to know you all via email over the last
couple of years(We have had our share of very stimulating- and lively
conversations), but the time has come for me to sign off of the list. 

Best regards

Ryan M. Ward

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