[Homeroast] Espresso blending?

Sergio Kusevitzky sergio_kuse at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 11:09:25 CDT 2010

As told... it is you to set the rules of the game and enjoy playing it!
I also use the triple basket.

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On Sep 16, 2010, at 10:12 AM, Sergio Kusevitzky wrote:

>     * There is no reason to start with 5 (five!) different coffees for your 
> time!. How many beans are in 7 gram??? ;) Seems a better strategy to start with 
> 3 and then, once you master the tastes, go and add the others.

Yeah, the idea was to have a set of ingredients and mix them on a shot-by-shot 
basis, experimenting with different blends to figure it out.
I have some Guat I can add to the mix too.

And 7 grams?! Who pulls 7 gram shots? I'm doing around 18g ristrettos with a 
triple basket.

>     * Finally, I started  12 years ago with the following two blends:
>     * Sweet and Body
>     * 40% Brazil
>     * 40% Indonesia
>     * 20% Ethiopia
>     * Sweet and Bright
>     * 40% Brazil
>     * 40% Central America
>     * 20% Ethiopia
> Anyhow, do what you want... since joy is guaranteed!
> Good luck and keep posting the results

Hey, thanks! One nice thing about having this commercial espresso machine in my 
office is that I'm pulling tons of shots, so I'm going through lots of 
coffee....which means I'm ordering more; I can see I'll have to expand the 
varietals I have on hand, but that shouldn't be a problem :D


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