[Homeroast] Espresso blending?

Sergio Kusevitzky sergio_kuse at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 09:12:56 CDT 2010

Congratulations! You will have a lot of fun.

	* Post Roast is great
	* 40% Brazil as a basis is a good start.
	* The next question is: what kind of coffee do you like? If you want a sweet 
cup with nice body; I invite you to add Indonesian coffee to your basis (Java, 
Sumatra, PNG, Sulawesi)
	* If you prefer to have less body and some more brightness, I invite you to 
consider   a Central American coffee then
	* I found the Ethiopia to be too dominant and preferred to keep it up to 20%
	* I do not think the Ethiopia and the Aged Sumatra will complement each other. 
It may be wise  to wait with Robusta and Aged coffees for a later stage.

	* There is no reason to start with 5 (five!) different coffees for your first 
time!. How many beans are in 7 gram??? ;) Seems a better strategy to start with 
3 and then, once you master the tastes, go and add the others.

	* Finally, I started  12 years ago with the following two blends:
	* Sweet and Body
	* 40% Brazil
	* 40% Indonesia
	* 20% Ethiopia
	* Sweet and Bright
	* 40% Brazil
	* 40% Central America
	* 20% Ethiopia

 Anyhow, do what you want... since joy is guaranteed!
Good luck and keep posting the results
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Subject: [Homeroast] Espresso blending?

Okay, I'm gonna experiment with blending. I plan to blend post-roast, so I can 
dink around with it shot by shot.

I have some Brazil Moreninha Formosa "Raisin", and I just ordered some India 
Sufia Robusta (never tried a robusta before - gonna experiment with this - I'm 
gonna have to try a straight shot just to see how it comes out, not necessarily 
to enjoy it), Ethiopia DP Jimma-Nigusie Lemma, Aged Sumatra Lintong Peaberry 
'07, Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca La Maravilla.

Anyway, I was contemplating starting with
Brazil Raisin - 40%
Ethiopia DP Jimma-Nigusie - 40%
India Sufia Robusta - 10%
Aged Sumatra - 10%

Any comments/thoughts from those more experienced? This is my first time setting 
out to try blending for espresso.
How do the various components age? Will I want to roast them all at the same 
time, or rest them for different time periods?

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