[Homeroast] Espresso blending?

Robert Bedwell rlb at triad.rr.com
Thu Sep 16 08:24:58 CDT 2010

It is going to be an interesting blend.  Not sure you will need the  
Robusta but then I haven't tried this one.  I would suggest that you  
keep the robusta to the side and experiment with it in smaller  
batches.  The Jimma is nice and balanced but may not add the character  
that will satisfy you in a full flavored espresso blend.  If you have  
some fresh Amaro Gayo you might use 20% it with 20% Jimma.  I have to  
be careful with Sumatra's.  For me they often change a delightful  
blend into something that is on the funky side.  I would suggest 5%  
Sumatra to start with and bump up if necessary.   I blended one last  
week at 10% and it ruined it.  I ended up at 7% and it was just enough.

Save one for me please!


On Sep 16, 2010, at 9:00 AM, Allon Stern wrote:

> Okay, I'm gonna experiment with blending. I plan to blend post- 
> roast, so I can dink around with it shot by shot.
> I have some Brazil Moreninha Formosa "Raisin", and I just ordered  
> some India Sufia Robusta (never tried a robusta before - gonna  
> experiment with this - I'm gonna have to try a straight shot just to  
> see how it comes out, not necessarily to enjoy it), Ethiopia DP  
> Jimma-Nigusie Lemma, Aged Sumatra Lintong Peaberry '07, Guatemala  
> Huehuetenango Finca La Maravilla.
> Anyway, I was contemplating starting with
> Brazil Raisin - 40%
> Ethiopia DP Jimma-Nigusie - 40%
> India Sufia Robusta - 10%
> Aged Sumatra - 10%
> Any comments/thoughts from those more experienced? This is my first  
> time setting out to try blending for espresso.
> How do the various components age? Will I want to roast them all at  
> the same time, or rest them for different time periods?
> -
> allon
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