[Homeroast] Panama Carmen 7 Dias de la Bellota Help!

sci scizen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 15:44:08 CDT 2010

The beans lack flavor and are flat in depth. The flavor that does come
through is not rich or sweet, but a little harsh. The described flavor
doesn't come through. At the bottom end of the cup, just when the coffee is
about to be too cool to enjoy, a little of the fruited flavors emerge. I
have roasted many DPs and I know thaty don't have a clean cup profile and
are rustic, but the rusticity in this batch seems too powerful. I rarely
finish the cup. But I still make one each day to see if it hits a sweet spot
in the resting routine.
This is what I wonder: is it possible that shipping beans from CA to NC via
UPS ground in the summer has a negative effect on the quality of some beans.
They are in transit for 7 days across some pretty hot terrain in a semi that
isn't climate conditioned.


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"Off" is awfully vague.  What are you experiencing flavor-wise?


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