[Homeroast] Sometime, it happens...

Sergio Kusevitzky sergio_kuse at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 07:24:38 CDT 2010

Well, it was time to check my green beans coffee stock.
I found a few old bags that somehow I skipped over and over....  and decided to 
roast them all.
200 gr of Tanzania
300 gr of Uganda Bughisu
300 gr of Java

All of them, from a couple of years ago... they were just at the corner of the 
shelf for a long time.
No idea of which Tanzania or Java since SM sticker was almost blank...

Well.. it happened... without planning it, I got one of the best blends I've 
ever tried!
Body, BODY, sweetness, very little brightness, great and strong aftertaste!!! 
.... Perfect!!!

Wow... I really enjoy the surprises of  home-roasting with  passion!
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