[Homeroast] Unroasted (Green) Beans in Beverages

Jon Rosen jon at jonro.com
Tue Sep 14 12:22:03 CDT 2010

I guess the better question would be, does it remotely taste good? I'm also curious about the nutritional value, the antioxidants in green beans compared to the antioxidants in roasted coffee.

On Sep 14, 2010, at 11:58 AM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:

> Under no circumstances do you want to run green coffee beans through your
> grinder. At best you'll end up with a terribly gummed up grinder, at worst a
> fried grinder.
> Does green brewed taste remotely like roasted brewed? Think about it. If
> that doesn't work chew on a few unroasted coffee beans.
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>> I had read a couple of things recently about using green 
>> beans in beverages. I was wondering if anyone had tried using 
>> ground or unground green coffee beans in either a hot 
>> beverage or blended in a smoothie? Does it taste even 
>> remotely like coffee? Is the caffeine level the same not? 
>> Thanks,
>> Jon
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