[Homeroast] Problem: My family wants my roasted coffee

Michael Dhabolt michael.dhabolt at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 01:53:33 CDT 2010


When they ask for coffee, the first response should be the question
"what kind of a grinder do you have?".  When the best they can do is a
'whirly blade', respond with something like "you really won't notice
much difference unless you seriously upgrade your grinder, I'll send
you some links to some grinders you might consider".  This will get
rid of most of the leeches.

The above was written not entirely tongue in cheek.  I've got several
perfectly capable grinders (Mazzer Mini and Super Jolly, Vario and
several used commercial espresso grinders of various brands) but I
never provide pre-ground coffee to anyone.  I expect the folks that
enjoy my coffee to expend the time and effort necessary to adjust the
grind etc. to get the best tasting brew or shot that their equipment
and skill are capable of.  If they are not committed enough to invest
that much into it, then they can find roasted coffee any number of
places that will suit them quite well.

The remainder of folks who do have or purchase a good grinder are good
prospects to turn into home roasters as has been suggested.  A certain
amount of supplying the 'great unwashed masses' is not a bad thing for
your Karma.  It doesn't take much, however, to take all the fun out of
a hobby that you really enjoy, don't let that happen.

Reread miKe mcKoffes post for the other alternative.

Mike (just plain) ...  (in a somewhat curmudgeonly frame of mind)

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