[Homeroast] Problem: My family wants my roasted coffee

Joseph Robertson theotherjo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 22:03:28 CDT 2010

Welcome to the world of Home Coffee Roasting, phase 2. There is a famous
blues song this experience of yours/ours reminds me of called "Crossroads"
It has seen many forms and versions. Kind of like the many home roasters on
Tom's List here. Each and every one of us takes a different path once we
fall for this magic elixir.
       Not many posts here on this list draw as many responses so fast as
this ( plea for help ) as yours. ;^)  It is because you are with a very
serious and passionate group of coffee geeks like the world has yet to honor
and respect. Well I for one am here to say to you I honor and respect your
journey. I'm on it with you. In the computer world a well know quote I love
it this, adulterated as it may be, " there are two kinds of computer users,
those that have had a hard drive crash and lost everything and those that
will " Well in this elite coffee roaster group there are at least two kinds
of serious home roasters, those that have had the experience you describe
and those that have yet to.
Now as to your question, the short and lazy answer is, It all depends on
what you want to do. Your gut feeling will not steer you wrong.
The long answer is just about as short. Do what ever the hell you want. Just
be sure you have enough left over for yourself.
This addiction / passion is all about having fun.
Ohhh, one last word of advice if you want to continue roasting, don't bother
looking for better green beans unless you have a lot of time on your hands.
Tom does that for you and us so we can have more time to enjoy his
discoveries of the year. I personally know several commercial roasters who
buy greens from Tom.
Happy bean trails,

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 7:07 AM, Kevin Ford <kmford at gmail.com> wrote:

> Longtime lurker here.
> What do you all do when your friends and family taste your roasted
> coffee and want it on a regular basis? I have a Behmor and have
> roasted in the neighborhood of 250-300 lbs in the 2.5 years I've been
> doing this. No problems. I do 4-5 lbs a week now, but I could be
> looking at a demand of 10-15 lbs / week or more if really followed up
> with people who expressed serious interest (e.g. comments like "I
> would pay you for this").
> Without a doubt, I don't want to start a business, but what's the next
> step up in capacity with out laying the unjustifiable sums for a USRC
> unit? Grill roasting with a large drum? Will I get the same quality as
> what I get from the Behmor? Tell my friends and family I can't do it?
> Charge more than cost to build funds for a larger roaster? Tell them
> no and to buy from a local professional roaster? I'm sure some of you
> have dealt with this. What worked?
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